1908. Horston Barrow, England. Percy and Bevan are best friends, devoted husbands and pillars of Edwardian village society. They also live secret lives as gentleman crooks. Each year they bring about the downfall of a deserving villager in ever more inventive ways which has got everyone talking.

Meanwhile, their nemesis, Blinker has vowed his revenge. A former misdemeanour has forced him into a life of destitution as he now treads the streets as a night watchman.

A life-changing event makes Percy rethink his ways and the friends plan one final, glorious crime. A crime with disastrous consequences. Pursued by the local constabulary and a mob of speculating villagers, how will they explain themselves? What will they say to their wives?

The Decent Rogues is a new musical which tells the touching but light-hearted story of two friends who face the struggle between friendship and love over bitter revenge.

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