The Decent Rogues is now available for your company or society to perform!

The show is set in 1908. It is a full-length, two act musical with original book, music and lyrics.

Cast size
Principals: Men (10), Women (6)
A cast of 15 or more is required since there are limited options for doubling.

The show is scored for anything from solo piano to a full 12 piece pit band.

How to apply to perform The Decent Rogues

  1. Firstly complete an application form. This form can either be emailed or returned by post to Music is Life Productions.
    NB: This will also give you the chance to obtain a Show Pack which contains a script sample, demo CD, souvenir programme and other information about the show. The information given by you on this application form will allow Music is Life Productions Ltd to assess whether there is any reason as to why a performance licence cannot be granted (eg a competing local production etc).
  2. On receipt of this application form and approval by Music is Life Productions, you will then be sent a Performance Licence Application to complete and details of fees. On receipt of a completed licence form and payment of fees, you will receive confirmation of your Performance licence with 2 copies of the script and a repetiteur piano score. You are now ready to start work on your production of The Decent Rogues!
  3. After you have finished your production, you will need to return all rented materials to Music is Life Productions Ltd under the terms given in your production licence. Your security deposit fee will then be refunded signifying the end of your licence term.

  4. Preliminary Application Form
    (1.3MB Word doc)

For more information: